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Science and Philosopy

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  1. Fundamentals Of Statistics And Clinical Research In Homeopathy

    Fundamentals Of Statistics And Clinical Research In Homeopathy

    Science can and should be applied to improve homeopathy. Using experience to choose the right homeopathic medicine can be expressed as a statistical algorithm. Hitherto there were no books explaining how statistics are involved in many medical decisions and how to assess practice experience, like the relationship between symptoms and...
  2. Interpreting Chronic Illness

    Interpreting Chronic Illness

    Jerry Kantor's book Interpreting Chronic Illness views three seemingly incompatible fields of medicine through the lens of phenomenology and develops novel patterns of care for patients with chronic illnesses. “A brilliant and groundbreaking work by an integrative practitioner who ‘speaks the language’ of three very different healing...
  3. Light in Shaping Life

    Light in Shaping Life

    The production of biological light (ultra-weak photon emission or biophotons) within many types of cells and tissues is characteristic of an alive organism. You will begin a journey of discovery about biophotons in relationship to biological matter and about how such biophotons can be detected utilizing...
  4. Cancer and Homeopathy

    Cancer and Homeopathy

    Cancer treatment has progressed enormously in recent years. However, the therapies often expose patients to side effects which can impair their quality of life. Solving this problem is what has driven Dr. Jean-Lionel Bagot on for over ten years now. With a team of Strasbourg oncologists  he can now offer homeopathy in support of surgery,...
  5. Just You See - Broadening the homoeopathic horizon

    Just You See - Broadening the homoeopathic horizon

    Foreword by Dr. Rajan Sankaran Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar is one of the busiest practitioners in West Bengal. He was a professor of Materia Medica at The National Institute of Homoeopathy in Kolkata. He sees over 100 patients per day, with more than 50 cancer cases. In 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Sarkar's tremendous success in...
  6. Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy: A Precise Path to the Simillimum

    Polarity Analysis in Homeopathy: A Precise Path to the Simillimum

    Precise and EfficientPolarity analysis is an efficient method that helps a busy practitioner by making the homeopathic prescription faster and more precise. The Swiss physician Heiner Frei developed this method to demonstrate the efficacy of homeopathic treatment of ADHD children in a controlled 5-year clinical study....
  7. DAMAGED: The Banerji Protocols

    DAMAGED: The Banerji Protocols

    Cover is damaged due to shipping - Indian print quality! The Banerji Protocols is a new method of treatment using homeopathic medicines. Specific medicines are prescribed for specific diseases. Diseases are diagnosed using modern/state of the art methods. This is done because modern diagnostic approaches incorporate...

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  8. OUT OF PRINT: Third Millennium Homeopathy

    OUT OF PRINT: Third Millennium Homeopathy

    Dr. Joe Rozencwajg aims in this book to simplify, demystify and explain what is homeopathy, without recourse to sanctification by ‘any official representative of the Techno-Chemical Medical Industry’. He succeeds and at the same time he entertains. He gets to the core of homeopathy and relates it to ideas of the 3rd millenium like...

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  9. Snakes to Simillimum

    Snakes to Simillimum

    'Snakes to Simillimum' is an essential reference for every serious homeopath and student of homeopathy. A comprehensive overview of homeopathic snake remedies, packed with up-to-date details about snake taxonomy, biology, habitat, provings, and clinical and differential materia medica. It thoroughly ...

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  10. Discovering Homeopathy

    Discovering Homeopathy

    Discovering Homeopathy is a revised, updated edition of Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century.'The important concepts of homeopathy should be studied most seriously not only by those in medicine but in all social sciences. Dana Ullman's book is an eye-opener!'-Robert Muller, Former A ...
  11. The Physical Basis of Homeopathy and a New Synthesis
  12. Homoeoprophylaxis - A Fifteen Year Clinical Study

    Homoeoprophylaxis - A Fifteen Year Clinical Study

    An in-depth statistical analysis of 2,342 responses from parents whose children used my homoeoprophylaxis program from 1986-2003. Includes written responses from parents describing reactions and diseases. Also data from 4-year General Health Study on long-term health, comparing different methods of immunisation.

Science and Philosopy

1 - 12 of 19