OUT OF PRINT: Homeopathy - the Fundamentals of its Philisophy

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Dr. William Gutman, M.D. is a Graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna.
He was formerly Professor for Homoeopathy at the New York Medical College. He was President of the American Institute of Homoeopathy (1965-1966), President of the Foundation for Homoeopathic Research, Inc., and General Secretary for Research of the International Homoeopathic Medical League. He was the Chairman of the International Homoeopathic Research Council of the League, for many years.

Dr. Gutman is an acknowledged authority in the homoeopathic field. Some of his learned lectures and papers have been published at various times in various journals.
His excellent lectures, especially those dealing with our remedies, combine in a masterly fashion, philosophy and science. 

He has a remarkable vision and he is able to trace and link the symptoms of each remedy to the source of the drug—the habitat and characteristics of the plant or animal from which it is derived. His thoughts are profound and imaginative and his presentation scholarly and beautiful, at times even poetical.

He presents the study of each remedy from a new angle and on a deeper plane.

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