Vaccine Injured Children : 21st Century Tragedy: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons

Author(s) Isaac Golden
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Vaccine Injured Children is written for both parents and practitioners. It begins by reporting "official" evidence that vaccines may cause injury. Isaac then analyses and reports on the latest data collected from 567 files where patients with a complex range of symptoms were prescribed homeopathic potencies of suspected vaccines. The results have allowed symptom profiles of different vaccines to be developed, and prescribing strategies to be assessed. This new data has revealed a shift in the potential adverse events from the changing DPT vaccines (the latest being Infanrix Hexa) and has predicted changes with the new MMRV vaccine. Case histories of 14 patients are provided between Chapters of data, providing a very practical and a very human touch and reminding the reader why the book has been written, i.e. to throw light onto a typically neglected area of medicine where not just the lives of individuals but of whole families can be destroyed. This is not an "anti-vaxx" book, but is an evidence-based account of the consequences of vaccination for far too many people. This is an international problem with solutions that will be opposed by some. As Isaac says, "Health creation for the majority has been replaced by wealth creation for a few", and uncontrolled vaccine injury is one consequence. It is a 21st Century tragedy.

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AuthorIsaac Golden