The Best Family Homeopathy Acute Care Manual

Author(s) Kate Birch
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This book may be the best medical investment you make for your family. Self-reliance in home prescribing is the goal of this acute care manual. This pictorial guide to homeopathic care is the first of its kind. While homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and there are many other first aid manuals and field guides available, this book takes the work to a new level. The most complicated task for the lay person in homeopathy is how to find a remedy for specific therapeutic indications in a short and reliable way. Here the content is laid out in three simple sections:1.Philosophy2.Six therapeutic modules3.Materia Medica (MM)The color-coded references in the therapeutic modules and associated remedies help the reader navigate quickly and efficiently between content towards the desired goal of finding a remedy. The artfully designed layout of the Materia Medica pages capture the basics of confirmed clinical symptoms, description of the remedies and their therapeutic indications. Each therapeutic module gives a holistic overview of the conditions a hand and extensive differentials between the possible applicable remedies. Here the text is designed to hold the readers hand as they sit by the bed side of their sick children, helping them to recover their health in a fast and gentle way. The success of years of clinical practice, attending to those late night calls of infants with high fevers, whole families stricken with the flu, and/or mental and emotional crises, have served to be the foundation upon which this book is crafted. The text, which has been shaped from the simple of language of conversations with mothers, not only explains how homeopathy works and what to expect on the way to cure, but exposes the depth of possibilities of interconnection between this system of healing for the individual and our relationship to the world we live, and through insight into the curative potential of the natural substances found on

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AuthorKate Birch