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This fifth volume of Massimo Mangialavori’s Clinical Materia Medica continues to demonstrate and develop a homeopathic approach that describes the psychophysical fundamental traits of a group of related remedies, in this case, those whose original source pertains to oil.

These substances take years to produce, by heat and compression of plant and animal organisms (Ambra grisea, Ichthyolum, Petroleum and its offspring Paraffinum), by a purifying fire (Oleum animale, Pix liquida, Eupionum, Kreosotum, Paraffinum), or by bodily refinement in the gut or liver (Cholesterinum, Oleum jecoris aselli, Lecithinum, Indolum).

This homeopathic family of Oils is ‘of the moment’: autism has gained increasing notice in recent years, and a large number of the cases presented in this book show relevance to those on the autistic spectrum.

Mangialavori utilizes his Method of Complexity to elucidate each remedy via natural history, personality traits, and prominent themes and symptoms—all written in an engaging style that is well-organized and easily accessible. Cured cases provide vivid, real-life portraits; they also show how this materia medica derives directly from clinical material. A differential diagnosis, thematic and common ailment repertories, and repertory additions are also included.

Omne oleo tranquillari (Everything is soothed by oil)

—Pliny the Elder

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