Remedies of The Banerji Protocols - Materia Medica

Author(s) Nimisha Parekh
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This book came about from my quest for learning and understanding the Banerji Protocols, rather than just using them blindly, as I had been for a few years. The Drs Banerji were such experienced homeopaths that it was intimidating to ask them why a certain remedy was in a protocol. Like others have found, when asked, they would simply reply that it was from their years of experience. I remember asking Dr Prasanta a question when we were together at a conference in Germany - he kindly laughed and said, "Do you want me to teach you homeopathy?" This inspired me to start digging through my collection of homeopathic books­ nothing comparable to the large library at the Banerji home. It has been an interesting journey and brought about the realization of how little I know! I have limited the symptoms and spheres of action in most cases to the use of the remedy in the Banerji protocol so as not to create yet another voluminous Materia Medica. Where possible, I have included some tips and interesting information. Over 200 remedies and combination remedies have been discussed. I am everlastingly thankful to both Dr Prasanta Banerji and Dr Pratip Banerji for their generosity and kindness during my visits to the Banerji Clinic in Kolkata.

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AuthorNimisha Parekh
Publication Date2022