OUT OF PRINT: Homoeopathy in Endocrinology

B. Jain
Author(s) Ronak J. Shah
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Inspired by the author's mother's suffering with diabetes mellitus, this book is a concise and thorough compilation of information on the whole endocrine system for homeopaths. It is divided into chapters according to the specific endocrine gland. Each chapter includes the anatomy, physiology, pathology, homeopathic management, and repertory rubrics of the gland.

This book has been divided into three parts:
1.Endocrinological Diseases
2.Homoeopathic Endocrinal Therapeutics and Endocrinal Repertory.
3.The Endocrinal Diseases
- It includes various glands and its dysfunction. It is supported by various diagrams, flowcharts and protocol for management, tables presented to highlight the text.
- It includes various homoeopathic drugs in endocrinological disorders.
- It has been a great effort to compile all the rubrics from various repertories so it is easy to search rubrics.
- Lastly author has included his clinical experiences regarding endocrinological disorders.
However, if a homoeopath has the opportunity to treat endocrinological diseases, will provide a complete guide for them.
This Book is must for students, post-graduates, teachers and practitioners of homoeopathy.

More Information
AuthorRonak J. Shah
Publication Date2006-12-01
PublisherB. Jain