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Psychology and Psychiatry

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  1. Healing The Soul Vol 2. The Archetype and the Psyche

    Healing The Soul Vol 2. The Archetype and the Psyche

    Healing is inseparable from the spiritual path the soul traverses on its hero’s journey towards individuation or Self-realisation. The journey is fraught with difficulties, challenges and obstacles. The cunning opponent that confronts the soul along the way and hinders its progress is the ego-self, a pseudo-being created from lack of...
  2. Forever Yin

    Forever Yin

    As a final instalment, after From Cave to Computer and The Poisoned Well, and forming the last part of a trilogy, this book takes us on a journey into the mind. Considering the human mind as the pinnacle of natural evolution, we have long been intrigued by not only its existence per se but also by its ability to shape a person’s life...
  3. Homeopathic Psychiatry

    BIT DAMAGED: Homeopathic Psychiatry

    Most recently, a young Belgium homeopath asked me how to get more out of the Repertory. I suggested she slowly read through the Delusion rubrics, making sure to understand each one. It is this insight which makes me very happy to endorse this enormous work of Liz Lalor. The Delusion rubrics are trea ...

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  4. Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification

    Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification

    Complaints due to anger and mortification – an everyday issue in homeopathic practice. Mortification can be expressed as a feeling of shame, wounded honor, or loss of self-confidence.The famous Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori describes in this work the most important homeopathic remedie ...
  5. A New Model for Health and Disease (new expanded edition)

    A New Model for Health and Disease (new expanded edition)

    Virus transformations as a consequence of pharmacological pollution in the human body/mind ecological system is a compelling hypothesis based on the data presented in George Vithoulka's 'A New model for Health and Disease'. It strongly underscores the need to focus on an 'energy' medicine to correct ...
  6. Psychiatry Remedies - Materia Medica and Repertory

    Psychiatry Remedies - Materia Medica and Repertory

    The aim of this book is to present all the work of Dr. J.P. Gallavardin dealing with the psychic treatment of all the human tendencies, in a word to edify a compendium of all his researches and realizations. It includes plastic medicine.
  7. Drug Addiction & Its Cure

    OUT OF PRINT: Drug Addiction & Its Cure

    This book aims to provide permanent homeopathic solutions to the recurring problem common backache which has affected one and all in today’s hectic lifestyle. There is also useful information on back mobility, common causes of backache, investigations required and lifestyle management for healthy li ...

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  8. Psychiatric Disorders With Relevent Remedies

    Psychiatric Disorders With Relevent Remedies

    physical game rather its all about severe mental work-out. This exaggerated mental labour usually brings on deteriorated psychiatric disorders like anxiety, fear, phobia, panic disorders, mania, depression, etc. This is a compilation of exclusive lectures on psychiatric disorders and their relevance in homeopathy. The mental disorders are...