Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification

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Complaints due to anger and mortification an everyday issue in homeopathic practice. Mortification can be expressed as a feeling of shame, wounded honor, or loss of self-confidence.
The famous Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori describes in this work the most important homeopathic remedies that have proved particularly useful for these problems in his practice. He highlights especially the less well-known and often forgotten remedies. He presents impressive cases of Ipecacuanha, Senega officinalis, and Magnetis polus australis, differentiating these in detail from other remedies such as Ferrum magneticum, Antimonium tartaricum, Chelidonium, Ignatia, the Bromine, and Chlorine salts, Paris quadrifolia, Chamomilla, Staphisagria as well as the Scrophulariaceae and Liliaceae.

Massimo Mangialavori is known for his graphic remedy descriptions in which he brings out the essential nuances of homeopathic remedies in a concise and vivid way.

This handy booklet is a great opportunity to get to know the working methods of Massimo Mangialavori in this important area
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