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First Aid

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  1. Reach for a Remedy

    Reach for a Remedy

    Make homeopathy easy with this refreshingly simple guide to choosing the best possible remedy for everyday ailments. From coughs and colds to toothaches or tummy bugs, this book will help you find relief for minor health conditions. No previous knowledge of homeopathy is necessary. The book will quickly point you to the best match...
  2. Homeopathic Prescribing

    Homeopathic Prescribing

    Originally devised at 36000 feet over Siberia, this book was commissioned by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and is recommended for all practising pharmacists and other health professionals. But that is not to say that one must be a health professional to use this book - it is beautifully laid out to allow maximum...
  3. First Aid with Homeopathy

    First Aid with Homeopathy

    This book is by far the most elaborate and successful guide to homeopathic first aid and is available in several languages. Manuel Mateu-Ratera, a highly regarded homeopath and specialist in emergency medicine, shares with us the fruits of his many years of clinical study and practice.First Aid with Homeopathy is aimed at both...
  4. Essential Natural Health Guide

    Essential Natural Health Guide

    A natural health manual for travel and home. Essential information on the use of natural medicines, especially homeopathic medicine for a wide range of conditions found at home and when traveling.
  5. The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home

    The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home

    The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home gives important information on how to use homeopathic and herbal medicines. It prepares you for all forms of travel, with facts and treatment for many conditions, as well as precautionary measures. It gives information on remedies for both simple and complex conditions, from injuries to jet...
  6. Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing

    Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing: A Text for Practitioners, First Aid and Self-help

    Acute prescribing is one of the most important aspects of Homoeopathy. It is the most frequently used with many remedies available at the local chemist. In First Aid situations Homoeopathy cannot be bettered. It deals effectively with shock and even affects the clotting factor to stop bleeding ...
  7. Homeopathic Guide for Travellers

    Homeopathic Guide for Travelers: Remedies for Health and Safety

    Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy present a wealth of strategies for using homeopathic medicine to stay happy and healthy while traveling. A bestseller in its original German edition, The Homeopathic Guide for Travelers is equally useful for backpackers, business travelers, and even luxury vacationers. I ...
  8. Human Conditon Critical

    OUT OF PRINT: Human Conditon Critical

    This book is the perfect companion to The People's Repertory. This book provides a more in-depth explanation of what homeopathy is and how it works, emphasizing chronic illnesses. Dr. Luc explains the pillars of good health and the true causes of chronic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He ...

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  9. Homeopathy in Accidents and Injuries

    Homeopathy in Accidents and Injuries

    The book will serve as a quick reference for the physician to cross check before arriving at the final remedy. It will help him in eliminating similar remedies and selecting the similimum. It is like a repertory of the clinical conditions with the difference being that, instead of grading; indicat ...

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  10. Homeopathy- Nature's Way to Better Health

    Homeopathy- Nature's Way to Better Health

    Contents Acknowledgments Preface 1. What is Homeopathy 2. The Practice of Homeopathy for First Aid Conditions 3. Homeopathy for Specific First Aid Conditions 4. Homeopathy for Specific Acute Conditions 5. Alphabetical First Aid Materia Medica 6. How to Treat...
  11. The Savvy Traveler's Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine

    The Savvy Traveler's Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine

    The Savvy Traveler's Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine is a compact guide to keeping you well, whether you are traveling around the block or around the world. Filled with practical tips to enhance your travel experience and stay healthy wherever you may go, The Savvy Traveler's Guide includes how to prepare for your trip, what to take...
  12. Homeopathy in Accidents and Injuries

    Homeopathy in Accidents and Injuries

    PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITIONLife today has become very risky. The misuse or improper use of scientific developments has made the life very insecure. Road accidents and accidents in the factory have become very common. Accidents can happen at any time causing deaths or crippling and deforming human body making a person handicapped. To...

First Aid

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