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  1. One Heart, One Mind

    One Heart, One Mind

    A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be startling news for any parent. Professional homeopath Pierre Fontaine CCH provides hope for a permanent—and natural—solution. Disputing that most ASD is not reversible, Fontaine empowers parents with the knowledge needed to seek alternative care. Through explanations of...
  2. Homeopathy and ADHD

    Homeopathy and ADHD

    HOMEOPATHY – PRECISE AND EFFECTIVEAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) constitutes one of the major challenges of our time. The experienced Swiss paediatrician Heiner Frei has developed Polarity analysis – a highly efficient and systematic approach for the treatment of hyperactive children.This...
  3. Homeo-Kids


    A modern materia medica of children's remedies, exceptionally concise and practical. Patricia Le Roux was a leading homeopathic pediatrician, combining in her practice classical methods with the new approaches pioneered by Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran. She had the unique gift of getting to the heart of the symptoms found specifically in...
  4. The Homeopathic Treatment of Hyperactivity

    The Homeopathic Treatment of Hyperactivity

    This book contains annotated transcripts of eight cases that appeared live in seminars in Germany and Belgium, most with many years of follow up. The transcripts include patient interviews and Henny Heudens-Mast’s explanations of her case analysis and treatment plans. While hyperactivity is a theme, these are complex cases that...
  5. The Homeopathy Handbook for Children

    The Homeopathy Handbook for Children

    The homeopathic treatment of children is one of the most promising areas of homeopathy.The correct remedy can often give the child a new lease of life. Didier Grandgeorge is one of the most experienced homeopathic pediatricians in the world today. In this practical handbook, he conveys his imm ...
  6. CHILDREN : Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertorial Symptoms

    Out of print: CHILDREN : Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertorial Symptoms

    Homeopathic materia medica with repertorial symptoms is an elaborate and skilful work by Roberto Petrucci. The book has been written keeping pediatric group in mind so as to understand what all has to be enquired, observed and take note of in children. It is an innovative, concrete and well organize ...

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  7. Children's Types

    Children's Types

    The old standard work by Borland on homeopathic child types has finally found a worthy modern successor to rework the subject matter and extend it by drawing on the author’s own personal experience. People have often asked why there's no book which, apart from describing the well-known major child r ...
  8. Treat Your Child Yourself

    Treat Your Child Yourself (2nd edition)

    Inevitably, children’s complaints strike when professional help is not available - at night, during weekends, or on holidays.Most parents want to avoid using antibiotics, antihistamines and analgesics for their children’s ailments, if only they knew what natural, non-toxic treatments wil ...
  9. Homeopathy, Immunity and Infectious Diseases

    Homeopathy, Immunity and Infectious Diseases

    Written by an author with many years experience of natural remedies. This popular and practical handbook is invaluable for travellers and parents looking for an alternative to being immunised. - Practical prevention and treatment- Materia Medica- Notes for travellers and parents- Includes meningitis C.
  10. Diseases of Children

    Diseases of Children

    No description available
  11. The homeopathic treatment of children

    The homeopathic treatment of children

    The Homeopathic Treatment of Children is indispensible at giving both a clear overall impression of the various major constitutional types, and also a detailed outline for reference at the end of each chapter. Not only does Paul Herscu draw from various sources (repertories and materia medica), he a ...
  12. The Child's World

    The Child's World

    Generations of homeopaths have successfully treated children using the traditional approaches of materia medica, repertory, keynotes and classification into children types. As successful as these methods have been, there have always been some cases that were not helped. As a result new ideas and adv ...


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