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  1. The Complete Practitioner's Manual of Homoeoprophylaxis

    The Complete Practitioner's Manual of Homoeoprophylaxis

    Homœoprophylaxis has been part of mainstream homeopathy since 1798, but its use remains controversial. Its history and evidentiary base is frequently misunderstood. This book aims to provide homeopaths, as well as practitioners of any modality and students with a complete grounding in the topic. It ...
  2. Diseases of Spleen

    Diseases of Spleen and their remedies

    The book is an attempt to present homoeopathic drugs with their special characteristics symptoms in relation to specific female diseases. The drugs are given under 2 sections – common and rare remedies in daily practice. The medicines are discussed giving more importance to the generals – mental & physical along with the...
  3. Lacs in Homeopathy

    Lacs in Homeopathy

    A search for a deeper understanding and the themes of the most frequently used Lac remedies. Expanded with pathogenesis, natural history, proving and clinical cases. Includes: Lac Humanum, Lac Equinum, Lac Delphinum, Lac Leoninum, Lac Felinum, Lac Vaccinum Defloratum and includes Power point present ...
  4. Nosodes and Imponderables come alive

    IN REPRINT: Nosodes and Imponderables come alive

    In this book the main sensation behind the nosodes and imponderables are explained by Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi. The authors have been engaged with the subject since 2003 and have since then lectured and worked on the basic feeling of these remedies through the Sensation method. ...

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  5. Amazing Power of Homeopathy

    Amazing Power of Homeopathy

    A record of over 200 very difficult cases successfully treated gently and rapidly with homoeopathic remedies Gives you practical experience which inspires confidence in your patients.
  6. Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification

    Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification

    Complaints due to anger and mortification – an everyday issue in homeopathic practice. Mortification can be expressed as a feeling of shame, wounded honor, or loss of self-confidence.The famous Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori describes in this work the most important homeopathic remedie ...
  7. Homeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies

    Homeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies

    A practical guide to homeopathic prescribing in acute illnesses and emergencies.Dr. Alok Pareek runs a homeopathic hospital together with his father R.S. Pareek in Agra, India with fifty beds, treating around two hundred patients daily. His clinical practice spans thirty years. This extensive ...
  8. Inspiring Homeopathy- the final edition

    Inspiring Homeopathy : Treatment of Universal Layers

    Inspiring Homeopathy is the final legacy of a brilliant homeopath. In it, Dr. Tinus Smits shares his vision that homeopathy can address the universal human experiences of coming into incarnation from the world of spirit. These “universal layers” include coming into the body; feeling unconditional mo ...
  9. Behind the Glass Screen

    Behind the Glass Screen

    'In a proving we hear the voice of nature through the words or the expressions of a prover. And due to the law of similars the remedy has to match the patient’s expression, complaints and disease (“...the only conceivable Gestalt of the disease” § 6 Organon). In addition to what we understood throug ...
  10. Materia Medica of Milk collected articles

    The Materia Medica of Milk collected articles

    This book contains a wealth of information from provings, cases and group analysis on lacs in general and fourteen lacs in particular: Lac asinum, Lac caninum, Lac caprinum, Lac defloratum, Lac dolphinum, Lac equinum, Lac felinum, Lac humanum, Lac lupinum, Lac leoninum, Lac maternum, Lac owleum and ...
  11. The charm of Homeopathy

    The charm of Homeopathy

    This is the first book in English, addressed to professional homeopaths, where Anne Vervarcke explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a concept-like disturbance of the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by ...
  12. The Bern Seminars

    The Bern Seminars

    George Vithoulkas lectured in this seminar on treatment tactics for patients who show several layers of pathology compared to patients who need constitutional prescribing. One important focus in this seminar concerned the differential diagnosis of fear and anxiety states.Another topic of impor ...


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