Homeopathy for Cattle, Goats and Sheep

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Homeopathic veterinarian on reducing the use of antibiotics:

'Much more focus on the self -healing capacity'

The use of antibiotics in animal farming should be reduced. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in humans and animals and in order to reduce this resistance, it is
necessary to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. Simply stopping their use is not an option. In practice it has become clear that a homeopathic treatment can be used effectively for several disorders. Homeopathic remedies increase the selfhealing capacity of the animal, allowing it to heal on its own. This reduces the use of antibiotics so they can be kept for those cases in which they are really needed.

For livestock farmers who - only where it is responsible - want to treat some complaints in their livestock themselves and want to reduce the use of antibiotics, homeopathic veterinarian Liesbeth Ellinger organizes the course:
"Homeopathy in cattle, goats and sheep". This booklet accompanies this course. The basic principles of homeopathy are covered as well as a number of disorders and their homeopathic treatment. This basic course consists of three days of lessons with one month in between. During the lessons experiences are shared and questions can be asked about one's own animal cases. The course is very practically oriented and immediately after the first day of the course one can already treat some complaints.

For more information about the course see the website www.centaurea.nl

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