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Author(s) Peter Gregory
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(Revised & expanded 2nd ed of Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy)

For anyone embarking on a journey into the homeopathic treatment of animals, there are many challenges along the way: looking anew at the concepts of health and disease; trying to understand the mental and emotional dynamic of a patient who cannot speak our language; communicating with those who do not share the same knowledge or experience - these are all important factors to consider.

This book offers a personal guide for that journey. As Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy, it was originally written for veterinarians, but was enjoyed by a much wider demographic. This revised, expanded and updated second edition has a new title to reflect that wider appeal, and contains contributions from Geoff Johnson and David Lilley. It will be of interest to veterinarians, homeopaths and indeed anyone who cares for animals.

The first part of the book examines the fundamental principles which together provide a foundation for the homeopathic treatment of animals, and how they may be understood from a modern perspective. This is followed by a description of most of the common groups of remedy states encountered in practice, with guidance on how to recognise them in an animal patient; not only by how they present outwardly, but also by accessing those features of the patient which might otherwise be hidden. Finally, the author shares his personal experiences as a veterinary homeopath and delves more deeply into what it means to practise homeopathy in animals.


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SubtitleInsights from Veterinary Practice
AuthorPeter Gregory
PublisherSaltire Books