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Knowing the Sanatan Dharma or being called a Hindu; people  often question their belief in several rituals. Hinduism in a New Light book is formed to throw some light on all the rituals and doings of the Hindi religion. 

Why several symbols, plants and trees are considered sacred and are worshipped? Why there is a sound of conch and shells used during the pooja? What is the significance of various traditions and a lot more. Often without knowing the scientific reason behind them, people tend to question their beliefs. 

Discover the fascinating intersection of science and spirituality with "Hinduism in a New Light: Revealing the Science behind Ancient Traditions & Beliefs." Hinduism in a New Light book offers a fresh perspective on the profound wisdom of Hinduism, presenting it through the lens of scientific principles.


Key Features:

Scientific Insights into Ancient Wisdom: Delve into the depths of Vedic knowledge and uncover the scientific foundations that underpin the time-honored traditions and beliefs of Hinduism. This book presents a unique exploration of how ancient sages integrated scientific principles into their spiritual practices, creating a harmonious blend of science and spirituality.

Thoughtful Analysis of Rituals and Practices: Explore the significance of rituals, ceremonies, and practices in Hinduism with a critical yet respectful analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of the purposes behind these traditions and their relevance in modern times.

Bridging the Gap between the Past and Present: "Hinduism in a New Light" seamlessly connects the ancient wisdom of Hinduism with contemporary scientific thought. It highlights the enduring relevance of these traditions and beliefs, demonstrating their profound impact on personal growth and societal harmony.

Exploration of Key Concepts: Unravel the mysteries behind fundamental concepts such as karma, dharma, reincarnation, and meditation. Gain insights into the spiritual significance of these concepts with the underlying scientific reasoning behind them.

Clarity and Accessibility: The book is crafted to make complex philosophical ideas accessible to readers from all occupations. It presents the material in an engaging and reader-friendly manner, ensuring a rewarding experience for both novice explorers and seasoned practitioners of Hinduism.

The book ensures to answer every single query with scientific reasoning so that the belief of people on Sanatan Dharma can get even stronger. With this book one gets to know that the science of Hinduism can help in various aspects of one’s life, such as personal grooming, confidence building, personal & professional challenges, overcoming obstacles, and improving personal energies. 

Books on Hinduism - This book is an answer to all those questions. Every single chapter in the book caters to 108 different rituals and traditions and the concepts behind them. questions are mention below: 

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

2. Gazing at the Palms in the Morning

3. Greeting People with a Namaste

4. Scientific Basis of the Surya Namaskar

5. Touching the Elders’ Feet in Respect

6. Touching the Feet of Revered and Pious People

7. Coating the House Walls with Cow Dung

8. Downsides of Having Restless Legs Syndrome

9. Ear Piercing: Not Just a Fashion Fad

10. Having Meals While Sitting on the Floor

11. Fasting Is Serious Business

12. Logic Behind Forbidding Endogamous Marriages

13. Refraining From Eating During the Eclipse

14. Drawbacks of Sweeping Home in the Evenings

15. Importance of the Good Old Broom

16. Spiritual and Scientific Significance of Shraadh

17. Covering the Dead Body with Sandalwood

18. Scientific Methods of Architecture

19. Offering Curds While Leaving the Home

20. Sleeping with the Head Pointing South or East

21. Importance of Five-Headed Hanuman Idol in Vaastu Shaastra

22. Why Idol Worship in Hinduism?

23. The Science Behind Mantras

24. Purpose of Ringing Bells in a Temple

25. Ganesha – Buy the idol for good

26. The Gayatri Mantra

27. Significance of Performing Yajna or Havan?

28. Know the God..

29. Half Pradakshina of Shiv-Lingam

30. Science of eating food with hands

31. Why do we chant “Shanti” thrice?

32. Aum – The divine sound

33. Sanskrit- the ancient Language

34. Release negativity with sounds of gongs and bell

35. Vedic Science of Name

36. Importance of Janeyu

37. Why not to step on Books?

38. Why Hindus match Horoscope before weddings?

39. Swastika – The Symbol of Holiness

40. Why You Must have Prayer Room?

41. Pranam- The Greeting

42. Importance of the Mango Leaves in the Puja

43. Sounding the Conch During the Puja

44. Avoiding Wearing Gold Ornaments in the Feet

45. Applying Sindoor: Tradition or Scientific Practice?

46. Why Married Women Wear Toe Rings?

47. Importance of a Resolution (Sankalp) for an Auspicious Occasion

48. Using Turmeric for Auspicious Occasions

49. Lighting the Ghee Lamps in a Home

50. Importance of Circumambulation in Vedic Faith

51. Hovering the Hands Over the Ghee Lamp

52. Breaking the Coconut on Auspicious Occasions

53. Worshipping the Peepal Tree

54. Scientific Secret Behind Offering Water to the Sun

55. Importance of Observing Ekadashi Fast

56. Worshipping the Tulsi Plant in a Household

57. Why A Seeker Needs Initiation?

58. Wearing the Janeu

59. Wearing the Kusha Grass During a Pooja

60. Throwing Copper Coins in a River

61. Why Does a Rosary Have 108 Beads?

62. Why Do Hindus Keep a Shikha?

63. Adorning the Hands and Legs with Henna

64. Science of Chanting Mantras at Night

65. The Importance of Om

66. Why Offer Prayers in Front of the Fire (Havan)?

67. Lighting a Lamp During the Pooja

68. Why is Lord Ganesha Worshipped First?

69. Offering Durva to Lord Ganesha

70. Why Is the Cow Given the Mother-like Status?

71. Applying Teeka During Pooja

72. The Serious Science of Worshipping Trees

73. Significance of Kumbh in Indian Culture

74. Importance of Makar Sankranti

75. Importance of Navratri

76. Importance of Chhath Pooja

77. Vedic & Scientific Significance of Vasant Panchami

78. Significance of Rice in Hinduism

79. Caring for the Body During Chaaturmas Period

80. Why Is It Bad Luck for a Cat to Cross Your Path?

81. “Pratipada Tithi” Where and in which works are prohibited

82. Malmas and Scientific Facts

83. Importance of Prostration (Shashtang Pranam)

84. Benefits and Harms of Crested Porcupine Thorn

85. Scientific Aspects of Totka and Tok

86. Significance of Nazarbattu (Black Tikka)

87. Signal by Twitching of Human Organs

88. When Bamboo Wood is Useful and When it is Useless

89. Why the Dome of the Temple is in the Shape of a Cone?

90. Meaning of the Flag on the Temple

91. Why Black Colour is Prohibited in Auspicious Works?

92. Scientific Components of the Ganga Water

93. Psychological Effect of Rangoli

94. Scientific Significance of Mangal-Sutra for Married Woman

95. Science of Durva Used in Religious and Auspicious Works

96. Evoke Positivity with Hand thumb

97. Why is the Head of the Dying or the Dead in the North?

98. Moksha in Various Religions

99. Science of Holi Festival

100. The Scientific Secret of Diwali

101. Panchamrit

102. Significance of Gemstones

103. Know the Dharmas-Sanatana and Hindu

104. Know the Names

105. Why is Copper Considered an Auspicious Metal?

106. Significance of Burning Incense

107. Significance of Kundali

108. Significance of Number 108 in Hinduism



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