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Author(s) Rajan Sankaran
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The Eight Box method is Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s most recent evolution in homeopathic practice. It involves classifying the patient’s information into 8 different aspects. It compels the physician to look at the different aspects and find the thread that connects all the different aspects. It allows use of several methodologies synergistically in different cases. It is a reproducible tool that helps to gain consistent results. Illustrated with several cases, this book aims to reduce the chances of error that can arise as a result of prejudice or from looking at only a part of information.

Review by Dr. Shishir Paranjape  Reputed Homoeopath in Pune, India.

It was again a MASTERSTROKE as usual which happens every time with Dr. Sankaran’s book.
The concept of Eight box method is explained so well with case examples that there is hardly any place left for doubt. Each case in the book has its own kind of understanding and it really means what we call A DRUG PICTURE.

As a teacher I have found that many students are reluctant to use this method but I will recommend this especially for students and even Practitioners to Understand what sir wants to say and teach through this method.

If we follow the teachings of this book in our practice then I thing Success is the only thing which we will get.This method reduces the chances of errors that can arise as a result of prejudice or from looking at only a part of information.

It was really a nice experience to read this book.

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SubtitleThe Eight Box method
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