Evolution of Homeopathic Repertories and Repertorisation

B. Jain
Author(s) Jugal Kishore
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This book shows how the concept and philosophy of making repertories is different for different authors, and that understanding these issues helps homeopaths select and use different repertories for various situations. Lots of examples included.

"The plethora of repertories can be confusing. Dr. Kishore helps by explaining how the repertory evolved, starting with Hahnemann, through Boenninghausen and eventually to Kent. Each repertory is based on a conception as to how to approach a case and to use each repertory with skill it is necessary to know the thinking behind it. This book compares the repertories showing both similarity and differences between the major approaches. In addition there is a very thoughtful discussion of case taking and evaluation of symptoms with information not found elsewhere, for example, how the grading of remedies in a rubric came about. A major part of the book is case examples using the different repertories and illustrating the approach used with each one."
-Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD
Animal Natural Health Center

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AuthorJugal Kishore
Publication Date1998-01-01
PublisherB. Jain