Conscientious Objector

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A marvellous memoir penned by Dr Richard Moskowitz bringing to light his reflections on 50+ years of family doctoring and his personal approach to medicine. Beginning with the chronicles of the days when the author was a medical trainee, proceeding through the days of early practice, and reaching the point where he turns to homeopathy, Dr. Moskowitz gives his readers an integrated whole of the ups and downs of his life as a medical professional.  The book takes its readers on a journey through an allopathic-turned-homeopath's experiences with homeopathy- the difficulties, challenges and at the same time the benefits and successes that he saw while practicing homeopathy. The author also reflects upon his introduction to the mind-body dimension in healing that he had when he went deep into the theories and philosophies of the homeopathic therapeutic system- a science that can see and make use of what randomised controlled trials overlook. The book is full of anecdotes ranging from tragic to comic and stories of moral choices- prolonging life through palliation or letting a patient die with dignity. The content extends to an evaluation of the significance of vaccination and other conventional practices. 


  • A narration that resonates with healthcare professionals’ thoughts and views as they relate to similar experiences and challenges in their respective domains making this book a valuable source of shared insights and solutions. 
  • An intriguing account of the principles of the orthodox medical system and the author’s take on them, revealing the challenges he faced therein and the discovery of solace in the practice of Homeopathy. 
  • A memoir where the author explicitly recounts his encounters with tough, challenging cases and breakthrough healings, especially in midwifery, pediatrics, homeopathy and myriad forms of natural medicine, offering profound insights to medical professionals. 
  • Written in an engaging language, the book prompts readers to ponder over several ideas and queries and simultaneously provides solutions to many of them. 
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SubtitleWhy I Became A Homeopath
AuthorRichard Moskowitz