Classical Homeopathic Lectures - Volume I

Author(s) Vassilis Ghegas
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Preface to volume I

The greatest difficulty in classical homeopathy is the follow-up on the long term: how can we guide a patient to a constantly better level of health during 20 to 30 years? Most of the time it is not sufficient to give the simillimum only once. Usually different remedies that may be connected are necessary. In the course of the treatment it is important to avoid obstructed cases, because if the case is obstructed, a lot of skill is required to open it up again.

In this seminar Vassilis gives us a trunk full of tips to help us in the follow-up on the long term.

The best chance of treating epilepsy successfully with homeopathy is when the patient is a child. Vassilis lets us in on his experience in this respect.

Shock (especially emotional shock) may throw a new layer over the patient so that he changes remedies. Vassilis gives us examples from his experience.

The description of the essences of NUX-V., ANAC., CON. and CIMIC. will help both beginning and experienced homeopaths to quickly recognize the remedy in practice. 

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AuthorVassilis Ghegas
Publication Date2010