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  1. True Homoeopathy

    True Homoeopathy

    Everyone seeking effective homoeopathic treatment should read this book. Every self-prescriber and student of homoeopathy to should read it before making their first prescription, and experienced practitioners will find it a valuable guide to improving case management skills! True Homoeopathy is a thoroughly researched, easy to...
  2. Milk Remedies

    Milk Remedies

    The first installment of Massimo Mangialavori's Materia Medica Clinica presents fourteen remedies-some old, some new-in colorful and extensive detail. Here is Lac leoninum, the ambitious yet troubled king; Lac equinum, the loyal, principled squire; Lac humanum, the altruistic yet self-interested servant; and Lac delphinum, the warm-hearted...
  3. Cancer in Animals - What is to be cured?

    Cancer in Animals - What is to be cured?

    We are at the early stages of understanding the disease process of cancer. It is difficult to make decisions when it comes to treating affected animals. Subjecting animals to anaesthetics and toxic drugs to achieve remission is a moral dilemma. Homeopathy is not the magic bullet for treating cancer and does not claim to be so....
  4. Essence of homeopathic snake remedies

    Essence of homeopathic snake remedies

    In this pioneering book, Dr. Pisios uses his own cases to present the essence and pictures of many homeopathic remedies. He presents the essence and the pictures in an easy and comprehensible way. The first book of the series presents Vipera aspis, Bungarus fasciatus, Lachesis muta and Bothrops Lanceolatus. Additionally you will...
  5. Dictionary of organon

    Dictionary of organon

    The author in pursuit of his Master, translated his work for students and teachers and has set a benchmark for every Homoeopath.   o   This book is a ready reckoner of Organon for both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students to understand the thoughts of Dr Hahnemann.
  6. An update on bowel nosodes with comparisons

    An update on bowel nosodes with comparisons

    The intriguing bowel nosodes are important but often neglected part of homoeopathic materia medica. The use of bowel nosodes has long been limited by the practitioners, owing largely to their limited proving. However, more and more clinicians are now willing to shed their inhibitions for using these medicines, given their wide range of...
  7. Neon


    Neon is the second book in the Noble Gas series by Jeremy Sherr. Continuing the journey that began with Helium (Saltire Books, 2013), Jeremy leads the reader further down the periodic spiral. Using the detailed symptoms of his Neon proving as a base, Jeremy draws on biology, geometry, astronomy, physics, metaphysics, analogy, poetry, movie,...
  8. Eetbare wilde planten - leer koken met de natuur

    Eetbare wilde planten - leer koken met de natuur

    Gebruik 'LEKKER" als coupon code en het boek wordt zonder porto verstuurd.   Eetbare Wilde Planten - leer koken met de natuur leert je alles over het gebruiken van wilde planten in je voeding: -       Hoeveel je van een plant kunt eten.
  9. Synoptic Reference 1

    Synoptic Reference 1

    Homeopaths are always eager to have the latest repertory with the most additions to keep the greatest amount of info at their fingertips. The same should be true with materia medica – they should contain information that is both accurate and current. For over 20 years, Vermeulen materia medicas have provided reliability, breadth and...

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  10. Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

    Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

    Yet another amazing book by the Dynamic duo of homoeopathy. An inspiring work from their continuous uphill battle to find more remedies in the animal Kingdom. The deep connection that these four limbed animals have with the humans have been revealed in a...
  11. Explore your inner HUMAN - ANIMAL CONNECTION

    Explore your inner HUMAN - ANIMAL CONNECTION

    The Dynamic Duo of the Homoeopathic world. Located in Vile Parle, Mumbai, they provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all sectors, all...