The Path to Cure

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A comprehensive and personal explanation of healing through homeopathy and Heilkunst.

Many of us have experienced medical treatment that has provided short-term solutions to our chronic ills. We know that the underlying cause can rear its ugly head to bite us when we least expect it. Allyson McQuinn illustrates that cure is indeed obtainable. She gives us facts and she gives us hope.
McQuinn takes readers on an intimate journey by illustrating how she came through homeopathic medicine to the broader system of Heilkunst (Healing Art) through her son’s sufferings serious physical and behavioural problems. As her son improved dramatically and permanently, Allyson wondered what the medicine might hold to address her own issues. Her findings with this safe 200-year-old system of medicine are life altering as the possibility of complete cure is realized.
You will witness a numb middle class woman awakening to the possibilities of her own creativity as she weaves the system of medicine throughout her story. She is not about to let you leave without a better understanding of how homeopathy and Heilkunst works!
If you are suffering with Chronic Fatigue, Candida, or even Cancer, or if you have a child who seems to be exhibiting deficits in attention, these issues are all discussed to the point of resolution in this book. The Path To Cure, The Whole Art of Healing, is a must-read if you want a life of health and wholeness for you and your loved ones.

What People are Saying about "The Path to Cure"...
This book presents a comprehensive explanation of homeopathy. It is full of honesty, heartfelt emotion, and provides a clear description of the healing process. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be truly well.
- Mary Rothschild,M.S.W., RSW, DHHP, HD (RHom.)

When we travel through an unknown country we trust our Guide Book. Allyson in this book has so gently and intimately written for us a guide book to take us through our inner country, the mysterious journey of health and healing.
- Dr Farid Shodjaee,B. Sc., D.D.S.

I wanted to share with the group, my review of a wonderful new book! Called 'The Path To Cure' by Allyson A. McQuinn. Who as most of us know, as the original HCH registrar and who is now practicing Heilkunst along side her husband Jeff K. in Ottawa.
I read the book in a 24 hour period, as it was hard to put down. Even though I have been through treatment to the CM of the miasms and MM of the emotionals, I was moved very deeply when reading her journey through this amazing system of Heilkunst. I cried and laughed and even still get goose bumps when I tell other's of her book. Allyson's account of her healing/curing experience along with her son Jordan's is truly moving and creates a world that shows the reader the depths of disease and the heights of true Health, but in a story format that allows you to really know and understand the 'characters', and to relate to them in a very personal way. I am sure no matter who reads this book, whether they know anything about Homeopathy/Heilkunst or not, if they are seeking answers to whether or not there is life after disease, then this is the book to read!
I felt so compelled by her story that I am going to encourage all my own clients to read this and to pass it on to anyone they feel would benefit from Heilkunst (which of course in my eyes is anyone ready/willing to work on their own issues!).
I have ordered copies to have in my office for anyone to borrow as well as many of my clients have already asked to purchase the book.
I really believe that what Allyson has given to the Hielkunst community by her opening up her personal journey is an amazing gift that may just open alot more doors for people who otherwise may have been too afraid to find out about Hielkunst, but given the opportunty to read it in story form, will compel them to seek out this amazig system for themselves.
Thank you group for listening and thank you Allyson for your gift to humanity!
To true Resonant Health - AUDE SAPERE!
- Andrea

I too , like Andrea could not put the book down . " The Path To Cure " has meaning beyond belief and has sparked areas of healing /curing that we may all relate to when adventuring down this road.
There are no words that one can describe when addressing this path in context with Heilkunst. Allyson has done a remarkable job in creating and implementing terminology as we know it, which gives us Heilkunstlers a deeper meaning in terms of cure.
Congratulations Again , Allyson!
- Bonnie

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AuthorAllyson A. Mcquinn
Publication Date2004