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Sunirmal Sarkar

Sunirmal Sarkar

Book Author Full Name: Sunirmal Sarkar

Books by this Author

  1. Just You See - Broadening the homoeopathic horizon

    Foreword by Dr. Rajan Sankaran Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar is one of the busiest practitioners in West Bengal. He was a professor of Materia Medica at The National Institute of Homoeopathy in Kolkata. He sees over 100 patients per day, with more than 50 cancer cases. In 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Sarkar's tremendous success in...
  2. Die 18 Methoden

    Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar ist einer der meist beschäftigten Homöopathen in Westbengalen. Am National Institute of Homeopathy in Kalkutta war er Professor für Materia Medica. Er sieht über 100 Patienten am Tag, darunter über 50 Krebs Fälle. Während 30 Jahren klinischer Praxis hat Dr. Sarkar‘s enormer Erfolg...
  3. Just You Think ( Volume 1)

    In this magnum opus, Dr Sunirmal Sarkar along with Dr Gaurang Gaikwad, who worked on this book for many years, compiled information of more than two hundred disease conditions along with a list of remedies that are commonly indicated in each condition. This work is not going to replace the older and classical method of...

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