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Sandra Perko

Book Author Full Name: Sandra Perko

Books by this Author

  1. Homeopathy for the modern pregnant woman and her infant

    The ProfessionalMidwives, physicians, nurses and professional homeopathic practitioners will find themselves reaching for this book time and time again as they assist pregnanat women through a number of prenatal and neonatal difficulties.The TeacherIf you teach ho ...
  2. The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza

    Concerned virologists have been expecting the appearance of a virulent Influenza strain that may well rival the great 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic which swept the globe in only a matter of months and left between 20 to 50 million people dead in one of the most horrific medical crisis to ever strik ...
  3. The Homeopathic Therapeutic Subject Reference

    This book is designed as a type of repertory, but is unique in that it is arranged by conditions rather than by symptoms. As an example, there are approximately 200 remedies listed in major repertories as having burning pain in the stomach, an all too common modern-day complaint. But, since this sym ...

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