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S.M. Gunavante

Book Author Full Name: S.M. Gunavante

Books by this Author

  1. OUT OF PRINT: The Genius of Homoeopathic Remedies

    The book stresses on highly characteristic & the red line symptoms of our materia medica, running through the whole pathogenesis of the remedy & is aimed at creating a clear & distinct ,conceptual image of the remedy in the minds of the readers. ...

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  2. OUT OF PRINT: First Aid With Homoeopathy

    In the book before the reader, "First Aid with Homoeopathy" a few remedies most frequently found useful in relieving various common everyday illnesses are given with the "Guiding Symptoms" against each remedy. ...

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  3. Introduction to Homoeopathic Prescribing

    A comprehensive book on all aspects of Homeopathy, except Materia Medica, written for the medical graduates of modernmedicine. ...

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  4. Roadmap to the Correct Prescription

  5. Probing the Mind and Other Guiding Symptoms

    Puts mental rubrics into 18 different categories to facilitate confirmation by asking specific questions. ...
  6. Amazing Power of Homeopathy

    A record of over 200 very difficult cases successfully treated gently and rapidly with homoeopathic remedies Gives you practical experience which inspires confidence in your patients.