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Richard Pitt

Book Author Full Name: Richard Pitt

Books by this Author

  1. Tobacco

    This book uses the basis of a homeopathic proving to explore tobacco from a historical, cultural and social point of view.Tobacco is now one of the most vilified substances in modern society. However, it has played a unique role in the evolution of many cultures, weaving its way into their myt ...
  2. The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home

    The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home gives important information on how to use homeopathic and herbal medicines. It prepares you for all forms of travel, with facts and treatment for many conditions, as well as precautionary measures. It gives information on remedies for both simple and complex conditions, from injuries to jet...
  3. Essential Natural Health Guide

    A natural health manual for travel and home. Essential information on the use of natural medicines, especially homeopathic medicine for a wide range of conditions found at home and when traveling.
  4. Comparative Materia Medica

    This book offers an original perspective on comparative materia medica, incorporating information on newer and less understood remedies within the framework of well-known remedies. It clarifies and systematizes our study of materia medica, allowing us to navigate the complexities of materia medica study more effectively. There are...