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Pierre Schmidt

Book Author Full Name: Pierre Schmidt

Books by this Author

  1. The Art of Case-Taking

    The entire homoeopathic methodology, the whole monumental and magical action of healing the sick comes down to two things: obtaining from the patient the clearest, most complete knowledge of his condition, and knowing how to use that knowledge properly. That is the whole of homoeopathy. The task is ...

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  2. Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon

    A brief yet unique account on which the author entirely new and somewhat revolutionary theories as compared to the five earlier editions of Organon.
  3. The Art of Case Taking

    “Extremely comprehensive and detailed explanation with the help of cases, examples and practical hints on case taking.” a mastery work by dr pierre schmidt illustrating the art of interrogation to reach a correct totallity of symptoms. Supplemented with few instructions on homeopathic therapeutics a ...
  4. The Art of Interrogation

    Now that homeopathy is developing and growing. 'But how to question the patient?' 'What are the most useful and indispensable question to ask?' 'What is the difference between Allopathic and Homeopathic consultation?'