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Philip Bailey

Book Author Full Name: Philip Bailey

Books by this Author

  1. Lac Remedies in Practice

    Philip Bailey uses his wealth of clinical experience working with Lac remedies to flesh out fully rounded pictures of 8 milk remedies. Each chapter is based on personal experience using the remedy, and includes many original observations. With the help of this knowledge, homeopaths can deepen their ...
  2. Homeopathic Psychology

    This is a most interesting book that combines psychology with homeopathy. Philip Bailey describes in depth the personality profiles of some 35 polychrests. The last pages of the book cover a mix of psychological astrology and homeopathy when he explores the elements and some polychrests. Bailey prov ...
  3. Die Lac Arzneimittel in der Praxis

    Durch seine umfangreiche klinische Erfahrung mit homöopathischen Milchsubstanzen gelingt es Philip Bailey in diesem Buch, eine facettenreiche Materia Medica von 8 Lac Arzneimitteln vorzustellen. Jedes Kapitel basiert auf persönlichen Erfahrungen des Autors im Umgang mit den Mitteln und beinhaltet zahlreiche einmalige Beobachtungen....