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Nuala Eising

Book Author Full Name: Nuala Eising

Books by this Author

  1. Provings vol 1: Mobile phone, Magnet, Time, Volcanic Ash and Meteorite

    The provings described in this book contain essential information that we are looking for as homeopaths in these times of the deep impact of imponderables in our prescriptions. Patients become ever more influenced by new technologies and natural elements and ever shifting perception of energies surr ...
  2. The Proving of Vacuum

  3. Provings vol 2: Broadband, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone & Vacuum

    Nuala Eising’s provings are detailed and inspired. The story of the substances and how they come to her is fascinating. Inspired by dreams and then grounded in careful inquiry these provings are small miracles of intelligent complexity. They match beautifully the complexity brought to us by our patients. I have used remedies from...
  4. Provings vol 3: Fire, Fox, Chicken Embryo, Wind, Amber, Butterfly & Peat

    “Many thanks from the heart” I am pleased to have one more beautiful present from Nuala Eising, a lady of purity and perseverance. The ‘purity’ because she always attracts the pure energy of the universe when selecting a substance for proving, and ‘perseverance’ because, since the 1980’s, she stands...
  5. Proving - Kunzea Ericoides

    The elusive Kanuka comes into plain sight through this proving. The transparency of Nuala’s reflections on the substance and the provers’ renderings evoke a clear essence. Kanuka may belie Nuala’s concern for the generations of time it will take to heal our ancestral afflictions. One prover says, “Injuries heal...