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Margaret Roy

Book Author Full Name: Margaret Roy

Books by this Author

  1. The Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy

    This book is an excellent tool, key ideas are each presented as a set of self-sufficient lessons.Each lesson is clear and lucid, with useful analogies, examples, learning activities, reading references and self-testing questions. ...
  2. A first Materia Medica for Homoeopathy

    Ideal for those who want to learn the main remedies. The book employs all the excellent learning aids of its companion title above. ...
  3. Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing

    This book comes out of the second year programme at the Scottish College of Homoeopathy. It is an attempt to understand Hahnemann’s theory of Chronic Disease, of miasms, in a modern context paying attention to the current language of medicine and the current expression of the disease process. ...
  4. Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing: A Text for Practitioners, First Aid and Self-help

    Acute prescribing is one of the most important aspects of Homoeopathy. It is the most frequently used with many remedies available at the local chemist. In First Aid situations Homoeopathy cannot be bettered. It deals effectively with shock and even affects the clotting factor to stop bleeding ...
  5. Homoeopathic Case Analysis

    This text aims to present the elements of homoeopathic case analysis with discussion of theory and case examples. It starts with the very basics and ranges into more complex case management, studying family pattern of miasms and different types of acutes with their relationship to the constitution . Various techniques are demonstrated...