Light in Shaping Life

Author(s) Roeland van Wijk
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The production of biological light (ultra-weak photon emission or biophotons) within many types of cells and tissues is characteristic of an alive organism. 

You will begin a journey of discovery about biophotons in relationship to biological matter and about how such biophotons can be detected utilizing specialized very photon-sensitive technologies. 

In this book, Roeland Van Wijk provides a unified synthesis that facilitates easy entry into an exciting sub-field of biology. Light in Shaping Life encompasses the history of biophoton research,insight into how biophotons are generated, and into their involvement with life. 

Also included, is an overview of the potential benefits of such research to a better understanding of health and medicine. 

About the Author:
Roeland van Wijk, Ph.D., graduated in biophysical chemistry and molecular biology, and received his Ph.D. at the Utrecht University (Utrecht, The Netherlands). He lectured molecular cell biology at Utrecht University and was visiting scientist at the National Jewish Hospital and Research Centre and the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute For Cancer Research (Denver, USA), and at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (Basel, Switzerland). 

He is Director of the institute on Measurements on Luminescence of Natural products (MeLuNa) and Advisor at Sino-Dutch Centre for Preventive and Personalized Medicine (Centre for Photonics of Living Systems) at Leiden University (The Netherlands). 

His major research projects are (a) Molecular basis of stress; (b) Stress, differentiation and tumor growth; (c) Photon emission in relation to tumor development; and (d) Human biophoton research in health and disease.


1 Prelude 

The Roots of a Field in Biology
2 A Field in Regeneration
3 A Field that Guides Generation
4 Does a Field also Guide the Development of Cancer? 

Birth and Growth of Biophoton Field Concept
5 Early Systems Biology and the Morphogenetic Radiation Field
6 Biology Looks at Physics
7 The Entrance of the Photomultiplier
8 World-wide Expansion of Photon Emission Research 

Cancer Metabolism and Photon Emission
9 Cancer: Energy Metabolism in Relationship to Differentiation
10 More about Cancer as a Model and its Relationship to Proliferation
11 Beyond Respiration: Free Radicals and Photon Emission 

From Bio-Electromagnetism to the Photon Field Concept
12 Field Theory and Bio-electromagnetism
13 Bone: Semiconductors as Biophoton Emitters
14 Electromagnetic Fields and Life
15 Revival of the Photon Field Concept 

The Photon Field Concept in Health and Disease
16 Photon Storage and Emission in Cancer Cells
17 Photon Field Aspects in the 1990's
18 Human Photon Emission in Health and Disease
19 Imaging Human Photon Emission
20 Perspectives by John M. Ackerman:
Biophotons as a Bridge between Western and Chinese Medicine? 


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SubtitleBiophotons in biology and medicine
AuthorRoeland van Wijk
Publication Date2014