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  1. Cancer in Animals - What is to be cured?

    Cancer in Animals - What is to be cured?

    We are at the early stages of understanding the disease process of cancer. It is difficult to make decisions when it comes to treating affected animals. Subjecting animals to anaesthetics and toxic drugs to achieve remission is a moral dilemma. Homeopathy is not the magic bullet for treating cancer and does not claim to be so....
  2. Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy

    Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy

    About the bookFor a veterinarian attempting to make the transition from the orthodox paradigm to homeopathy there are many challenges. These include: looking anew at the concepts of 'health' and 'disease'; trying to assess mental and emotional symptoms in a patient who cannot speak our language;...
  3. New World Veterinary Repertory

    New World Veterinary Repertory

    The very first repertory designed exclusively for veterinary use. Of the more than 110 repertories published over the last two centuries*, this is the first that has been carefully constructed to be of special application to veterinary practice. Until now, veterinarians practicing the homeopathy of Hahnemann have used the repertories...
  4. Poultry Homeopathy

    OUT OF PRINT: Poultry Homeopathy

    This book on Poultry and Homoeopathy is the first of it’s kind. Itdeals with all the poultry diseases, their homoeopathic treatmentand management. ...

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  5. Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathic

    Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathic

    The brilliant cures effected by the harmless homoeopathicremedies have drawn many veterinarians into its fold. ...
  6. An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

    An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

    An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine will equip pharmacists, veterinary nurses and SQPs with the knowledge necessary to enable a confident and appropriate involvement in this fascinating area of practice. The book provides information on public health issues associated with keeping animals, veteri ...
  7. Homeopathic Remedy Pictures for Animals

    Homeopathic Remedy Pictures for Animals

    60 homeopathic remedies for animals, portrayed with delightful cartoons and trenchant keynotes - studying remedy pictures has rarely been such fun!The New Zealand veterinary homeopath Vicki Mathison combines in this work a fine artistic talent with profound sensitivity for the nature of ...
  8. Horse and Homeopathy - A Pocket Guide

    Horses and Homeopathy - A Pocket Guide

    Horses are unique animals which have evolved and adapted to a huge range of environments and lifestyles. Homeopathy too has evolved – we have expanded and added to our knowledge of the remedies since Hahnemann’s time. We understand them more intrinsically and can apply them more effectively in treat ...

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  9. Pigs


    Written in response to a growing demand on the part of pig farmers, here is a textbook which will provide a working manual for the homeopathic treatment and prevention of disease in pigs. The author, George Macleod, was one of the first veterinarians to work exclusively with homeopathic remedies. ...
  10. Homeopathy for Horses (second edition)

    Homeopathy for Horses (second edition)

    Homeopathy's use with horses is well documented and it has achieved excellent results in countless cases. It can be a remarkable and effective system of medicine which is both safe and without side-effects. Homeopathy for Horses is a truly comprehensive and practical guide to the modern practice of ...

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  11. Homeopathic treatment of Beef and Dairy Cattle

    In Reprint: Homoeopathic Treatment Beef Dairy Cattle Beaconsfield Homoeopathic

    The information is clearly stated enabling the reader to apply homeopathy to their livestock problems.All 141 medicines mentioned in the book are listed alphabetically, and a suggested starter list of thirty homoeopathic medicines is also included, along with a glossary of terms. ...

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  12. Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs

    Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs

    Veterinarian Donald Hamilton specialises in homeopathic medicine. In this guide, he introduces natural remedies for treating common, acute, and chronic problems in cats and dogs. He covers digestive complaints, skin diseases (including irritation from fleas), respiratory disorders, urinary diseases, ...


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