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OUT OF PRINT: Third Millennium Homeopathy

by Joe Rozencwajg

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Dr. Joe Rozencwajg aims in this book to simplify, demystify and explain what is homeopathy, without recourse to sanctification by ‘any official representative of the Techno-Chemical Medical Industry’. He succeeds and at the same time he entertains. He gets to the core of homeopathy and relates it to ideas of the 3rd millenium like epigenetics, uses modern language like ‘rebooting the patient, and brings up to date older concepts like miasms. Joe is a polymath and includes references from the Hebrew Bible, from Chinese and Indian medicine, with many colourful drawings and diagrams. He also explains how homeopathy can be verified by modern chemistry and physics and relates this to his unique use of the Fibonacci series of potencies, which he prefers to the Swedenborgian potency series introduced in the nineteenth century. Hahnemann warned us against writers like Joe who theorise. On the other hand Hahnemann was probably an iconoclast and theoriser himself, and in that Joe follows him well. Joe’s theories are based on his experience as a patient and as a homeopath. As it says outside a good French restaurant: ‘le patron mange ici!’ Come inside and learn from a master. — Francis Treuherz
ISBN 9789076189420
Language English
Author Joe Rozencwajg
Pages 262
Publication Date 2013
Type Hardback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher Emryss