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Opening the Secret Door with the Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy

by Mirjana Zivanov - Stojan Primovic - Andreas Kelemen


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This much awaited book, continues the Quest for Simillimum of Dr. Mirjana Zivanov and her team with the Matrix method, in the light of Tetractys. The new insights into the deep inner self of a patient, as well as into the nature of homeopathic remedies are presented, followed by a number of Case examples solved with the Matrix method. Getting deep into the patients unconscious with Matrix, gives us the contents - themes, with highest emotional charges, the ones that matter the most to the patient. But, the essence is hidden in the relations between these contents, the relations that appear right in front of our eyes on the Tetractys model, together with the miasm of the patient. This new method, now used successfully for almost ten years, was first published in the book "The Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy" and presented on International homeopathic gathering in London in 2015, and now the journey continues.

ISBN 9788131949320
Language English
Pages 319
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain