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Science and Philosopy

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  1. Snakes to Simillimum

    Snakes to Simillimum

    'Snakes to Simillimum' is an essential reference for every serious homeopath and student of homeopathy. A comprehensive overview of homeopathic snake remedies, packed with up-to-date details about snake taxonomy, biology, habitat, provings, and clinical and differential materia medica. It thoroughly ...
  2. Discovering Homeopathy

    Discovering Homeopathy

    Discovering Homeopathy is a revised, updated edition of Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century.'The important concepts of homeopathy should be studied most seriously not only by those in medicine but in all social sciences. Dana Ullman's book is an eye-opener!'-Robert Muller, Former A ...
  3. The Physical Basis of Homeopathy and a New Synthesis
  4. Organon der Geneeskunst

    Organon der Geneeskunst

    In het ‘Organon’ heeft Hahnemann zijn eigen visie op de homeopathie neergelegd. Paragraafsgewijs wordt uiteengezet langs welke weg en met welke middelen men zieken weer kan genezen. Deze Nederlandse vertaling van de 6de editie is uitgebreid met een inleiding van Hahnemann, een samenvatting van alle ...
  5. Het similia-principe

    Het similia-principe

    De 'Similia-wet' is het principe waarop de homeopathie is gebaseerd. Het stelt dat een kleine dosis van een ziektekiem het lichaam aanzet om die ziekte te bestrijden.Nederlandse onderzoekers Van Wijk en Wiegant hebben aangetoond dat dit principe zelfs terug te vinden is op de werking van ...
  6. Homeopathic Method

    Homeopathic Method

    About the book There can be little doubt that ‘homeopathy works’. For all the controversy surrounding the nature and effect of homeopathic medicines, the clinical outcomes and improvement in wellbeing achieved by homeopathic treatment are consistently good. In many instances they defy the expectations of conventional biomedical treatment, and...
  7. Synergy Synopsis

    Synergy Synopsis

    Synergy denotes the coming together of two or more things to create an effect that is  much greater than their sum. In Homoeopathic practice, using different approaches in tandem produces the best results. The utilization of traditional Homoeopathic tools such as Materia Medica and the Repertory (left-brain approach) in...
  8. OUT OF PRINT: Homeopathy - the Fundamentals of its Philisophy

    OUT OF PRINT: Homeopathy - the Fundamentals of its Philisophy

    About The Author: Dr. William Gutman, M.D. is a Graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna.He was formerly Professor for Homoeopathy at the New York Medical College. He was President of the American Institute of Homoeopathy (1965-1966), President of the Foundation for Homoeopathic Research, Inc., and General...

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