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  1. The Art of Proving

    The Art of Proving

    Each and every homeopathic remedy contains within itself the ability to heal unique, characteristic signs and symptoms. These characteristic healing symptoms that are contained within each remedy are an unchanging eternal truth that remain constant through space and time. Homeopathic provings are an effective way to experience and interpret...
  2. Panama provings

    Panama provings

    This is the fourth proving seminar that I have organised. It turns out that the proving are getting better over the years. The quality of the proving is becoming more accurate and the essence of the remedy is discovered amore or less broadly. This is the case when the rovers do not even know the family of the proven remedy. They know the...
  3. Veils of Vision

    Veils of Vision

    Introduction Originally the title of this book was “Nosy Be provings”, like “Lamu Provings” and “Kenton provings”. But during and after the seminar the theme of outside influences became stronger and clearer. The outside influences of the the regi- on and atmosphere, the background. Added to that...
  4. Proving - Kunzea Ericoides

    Proving - Kunzea Ericoides

    The elusive Kanuka comes into plain sight through this proving. The transparency of Nuala’s reflections on the substance and the provers’ renderings evoke a clear essence. Kanuka may belie Nuala’s concern for the generations of time it will take to heal our ancestral afflictions. One prover says, “Injuries heal...
  5. Provings vol 3: Fire, Fox, Chicken Embryo, Wind, Amber, Butterfly & Peat

    Provings vol 3: Fire, Fox, Chicken Embryo, Wind, Amber, Butterfly & Peat

    “Many thanks from the heart” I am pleased to have one more beautiful present from Nuala Eising, a lady of purity and perseverance. The ‘purity’ because she always attracts the pure energy of the universe when selecting a substance for proving, and ‘perseverance’ because, since the 1980’s, she stands...
  6. Provings vol 2: Broadband, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone & Vacuum

    Provings vol 2: Broadband, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone & Vacuum

    Nuala Eising’s provings are detailed and inspired. The story of the substances and how they come to her is fascinating. Inspired by dreams and then grounded in careful inquiry these provings are small miracles of intelligent complexity. They match beautifully the complexity brought to us by our patients. I have used remedies from...
  7. Sense Provings

    Sense Provings

    This book is a companion of "Wonderful Plants". The Plant theory explained in that book has been build on the many provings done and presented in this book. The majority of the provings are sense provings. Added to that are dream provings performed in study groups, picture provings performed during seminars, trituration provings and bath...
  8. Kenton Provings

    Kenton Provings

    This is a report of the provings done on 19 species of plants in Kenton on sea in South Africa. The provings were done in the week of 2 to 8 October 2012. The species taken were growing on the region of Kenton on sea, mostly indiginous. The species were selected with the idea of developing new remedies from families that till now are less known...
  9. Arbor Materia Medica part 1

    Arbor Materia Medica Volume 1

    Abies canadenisAcer cercinatumAgathis australisAlnus rubraArbutus menziesiiTree Provings with Cured Cases Materia Medica Summary Remedy Comparisons Repertory Additions.These provings are tested (cured cases for each remedy) and many of the ...
  10. Snakes to Simillimum

    Snakes to Simillimum

    'Snakes to Simillimum' is an essential reference for every serious homeopath and student of homeopathy. A comprehensive overview of homeopathic snake remedies, packed with up-to-date details about snake taxonomy, biology, habitat, provings, and clinical and differential materia medica. It thoroughly ...
  11. Clinical verification - Verification of homeopathic symtoms: Experience and Practice

    Clinical verification - Verification of homeopathic symtoms: Experience and Practice

    A unique book of enormous value for the homeopathic community. It is the first book which shows the results of systematic verification of homeopathy. This is one of the few books borne out of research & experience and is something which adds to the homeopathic literature. It validates the science & ...

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  12. Tarentula Hispanica

    Tarentula Hispanica

    A concise work on the custom,provings & picture of the spider with complete record of different cases.Information on other spiders have also been included.


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