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  1. Decoding the Dose

    Decoding the Dose

    Characteristic, peculiar, in Homeopathy we seek Everyone, yes everyone, is special and unique. We Homeopaths are in this world for reasons pure and sure We have a mission and that is to CURE. Guided, we are, by eternal fundamental laws, But, what do we do, when it comes to the 'Dose'? Confusion, contradiction should be things of...
  2. About Potencies

    About Potencies

    Here you see the result of a great and thorough work: an important book in homeopathy’s growth to maturity. Margriet Plouvier has created an extremely workable overview of the functioning of different potencies by systematically and logically arranging her observations of the therapeutic effect after prescriptions. This is a...
  3. OUT OF PRINT: Third Millennium Homeopathy

    OUT OF PRINT: Third Millennium Homeopathy

    Dr. Joe Rozencwajg aims in this book to simplify, demystify and explain what is homeopathy, without recourse to sanctification by ‘any official representative of the Techno-Chemical Medical Industry’. He succeeds and at the same time he entertains. He gets to the core of homeopathy and relates it to ideas of the 3rd millenium like...

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  4. Homeopathy for Plants

    Homeopathy for Plants - 5th revised edition

    A handy guide to the most common plant diseases, pests and damage with information on how to treat them homeopathically.Christiane Maute is a pioneer in this field, who started treating the useful and ornamental plants in her garden with homeopathy ten years ago.The way in wh ...
  5. Group Study in Homeopathic Materia Medica

    Group Study in Homeopathic Materia Medica

    One of the many ways to study Materia Medica is by grouping the medicines. This makes the study of Materia Medica easy. However, this is not well recognized as the material to study as it is either to lengthy or too hypothetical. Dr. J.D. Patil realized the problem of reader and used the vast knowledge of Materia Medica in accommodating...
  6. A Practical Solution to Potency Problem

    A Practical Solution to Potency Problem

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  7. Rademacher's Universal and Organ Remedies

    Rademacher's Universal and Organ Remedies

    This author's use of remedies that target specific organs was inspired by Paracelsus and later confirmed by J. Compton Burnett, MD. ...
  8. Mother Tincture Materia Medica

    Miracles of Mother Tinctures with Therapeutic Hints and Treatment of Diseases

    “A complete Materia medica of mother tinctures opening the doors to treatment by crude drug forms practiced by the author himself for many years. A very handy guide for practitioners acquainting them with the art of treatment by homeopathic mother tinctures.” This can be called a Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Mother...