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Kidneys and Bladder - Basis of Self Realisation

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt


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The kidney energy encompasses issues such as security, resoluteness and stability. If something gets you in the kidneys (as in the German phrase), it generates an existential anxiety about the ground under your feet giving way.
There are comprehensive descriptions of diseases affecting the kidneys and the ureters, such as kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency, malignant tumors, renal hypertension, cystitis, urinary disturbances and enuresis, as well as problems with the adrenal glands, such as Addison's disease or Cushing's syndrome.
The book also discusses underlying conflicts and treatment associated with these illnesses. Homeopathic remedies that have proved especially valuable in this respect include Arsenicum album, Caesium, Uranium, Plutonium, Salicylicum acidum, Cisplatin and Paracetamol. Naturopathic therapy consists of nutritional advice and herbal medicines, as well as ozonated plant oils (rizols) and deacidification.
Rosina Sonnenschmidt has again demonstrated that she can effectively synthesize a variety of approaches such as the Chinese theory of correspondences and various Western approaches. The result is an easily understandable practical manual on therapies suitable for treating diseases of the kidneys and bladder. She goes well beyond the level of the physical integrity of the organs themselves, and demonstrates how these organs form the gateway to self-realization.
Kidneys and Bladder - Basis of Self Realisation
ISBN 9783943309324
Language English
Author Rosina Sonnenschmidt
Pages 120
Publication Date 2010
Type Hardback
Publisher Narayana Verlag