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  1. Miasms and Nosodes - Part 2

    Miasms and Nosodes - Part 2

    Master homeopathic educator and clinician Louis Klein presents the keenly awaited second volume of MIASMS AND NOSODES, further expanding our knowledge of the origins of disease. ´ Building on the work of other contemporary homeopaths he has brilliantly conceived a numeric understanding of the stages of the periodic table, and...
  2. Miasms of the New Millennium

    Miasms of the New Millennium

    The result of years of study and careful analysis by two master homeopaths, Miasms of the New Millennium makes the ten miasms vivid and alive in a way no other work has done. With the words of patients informing every page, the book presents detailed descriptions of the themes, language, and confirmatory...
  3. Nosodes and Imponderables come alive

    IN REPRINT: Nosodes and Imponderables come alive

    In this book the main sensation behind the nosodes and imponderables are explained by Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi. The authors have been engaged with the subject since 2003 and have since then lectured and worked on the basic feeling of these remedies through the Sensation method. ...

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  4. Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing

    Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing

    This book comes out of the second year programme at the Scottish College of Homoeopathy. It is an attempt to understand Hahnemann’s theory of Chronic Disease, of miasms, in a modern context paying attention to the current language of medicine and the current expression of the disease process. ...
  5. Miasms Syphilis & Sycosis

    Miasms Syphilis & Sycosis

    This book is a compilation of translations from the articles published originally in French. The book brings out ideas of Dr Bernoville his experience and concepts of miasms treatment of same with homeopathy.

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  6. Indications of Miasm

    Indications of Miasm

    Dr. Choudhury's treatise on miasms is very explicitly written in all the aspects with practical suggestions which would help the readers immensely. He described the relationship of miasms with micro-organisms, the correct indication of the particular miasm thereby identifying one from another. He described mixed miasms, vaccinosis, acute...

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  7. A Comparative Study of Chronic Miasms

    A Comparative Study of Chronic Miasms

    A Comparative Study of Chronic Miasms ...

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  8. Miasma The Road Less Travelled

    Miasma The Road Less Travelled

    His book brings a comprehensive work on miasma, which has been one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted topic in homeopathy. Dr Harsh has meticulously analyzed majority of the work done on miasma and has explained how to ?nd the correct miasma of a patient and treat it so as to make a true cure possible. His straight forward way of...