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Materia Medica

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  1. Wasserwelt - Fische in der Homöopathie

    Wasserwelt - Fische in der Homöopathie

    Viktória Bodrogi, eine ausgezeichente ungarische Homöopathin, erkundet die Informationen und Prüfungen zu 19 Fische-Mitteln in der Homöopathie.Die Meere sind ein wenig bereistes Reich, größtenteils unzugänglich, und doch die Wiege der Evolution, von den Bakterien der Tiefseeströme bis zu den...
  2. Homeopathic Remedy Pictures

    Homeopathic Remedy Pictures

    During one of the breaks at the LIGA congress in Lucerne in October 2006 I picked up ‘Homöopathische Leit-Bilder’ by Alexander Gothe and Julia Drinnenberg at the booth of Haug Verlag. Leafing through the many pages with cartoons I couldn’t resist laughing out loud regularly. This, I realized, is how ...

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  3. Homeopathic Clinical Pictures - part 1

    Homeopathic Clinical Pictures - part 1

    Following the great success of this first book ‘Homeopathic Remedy Pictures’, published in 2007, Homeolinks Publishers is happy to present a second book by Alexander and Julia, ‘Homeopathic Clinical Pictures’.This book will lead you to the most important remedies for many of the illnesse ...

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  4. Reptiles (Materia Medica)

    Reptiles (Materia Medica)

    Materia Medica, Clinical Manifestations, Affinities, Biological Profiles and Characteristics of Colubrids, Constrictors, Crocodilians, Dinosaurs, Elapids, Lizards, Pit Vipers, Sea Snakes, True Vipers, Turtles, Worm lizards.
  5. Matridonal Remedies in Daily Practice

    Matridonal Remedies in Daily Practice

    MATRIDONAL REMEDIES – a door to new therapeutic possibilitiesThe life of a human being does not begin just at birth, but already at conception. A foetus experiences everything that is happening to its mother during pregnancy.The state of the pregnant mother is continuously transferred onto the foetus, and moulds its...
  6. Asteraceae - remedies of the sunflower family

    Asteraceae - remedies of the sunflower family

    "A very nice book on the Asteraceae remedies. This materia medica combines information from all directions in...
  7. Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Oncology Materia Medica - 2nd edition

    Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Oncology Materia Medica - 2nd edition

    A ground-breaking reference book for physicians, professionals, and patients alike.Do you specialize or are you thinking of specializing in homeopathic cancer treatment? Do you take an occasional cancer case but wish to learn more? Then this book is for you! Homeopathic Cancer Drugs is the first clinical materia...
  8. Some Rosaceae - Prunus & Similars

    Some Rosaceae - Prunus & Similars

    This third installment of...
  9. Finding Your Way Through the Forest of Symptoms

    Finding Your Way Through the Forest of Symptoms

    A patient’s case can seem like a forest of symptoms. There can be so much information, and we need to process it. We need to find ‘the way through the woods’! This book aims to do just that. Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to achieve quick, gentle and lasting cures for his patients, and has the...
  10. Discovering Life: Homeopathic Portraits

    Discovering Life: Homeopathic Portraits

    What is new in this Materia Medica book? This book is the result of 8 years work. What makes this materia medica different from others? Why a new materia medica among the glut of existing ones? One of the most confounding aspects of homeopathy, which I have noticed while teaching throughout the world, is the difficulty that both...
  11. Waterworld - Fish in Homeopathy

    Waterworld - Fish in Homeopathy

    Listen to the Podcast with Kelly & Viktoria about this book here Viktoria Bodrogi, a fine Hungarian homeopath, explores information and provings on 19 fish...
  12. Heymischer Homeopathy

    Heymischer Homeopathy

    Got bopkes? A pain in the kishkes? Afraid you may be going messhuge? Zay gezunt with homeopathy! Here find a reference, what himmel schikt (heaven sent) homeopaths call a Repertory. In heymischer (down home) fashion, Yiddish kvetches are matched with over 140 klapn zey aoys (knock them out!) remedies. Not to mention it will put a...

Materia Medica

1 - 12 of 208