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  1. The child's mind and Behaviour

    The child's mind and Behaviour

    We all know how tricky it can be to get children to communicate their symptoms. This repertory will assist the practitioner to find medicines especially useful in the treatment of children. Along with an extensive repertory, included in this book is an in-depth guide to taking the child’s case. This ...
  2. Lisa and the Mystery of the Little White Globules - A Story about Homoeopathy for Children

    Lisa and the Mystery of the Little White Globules

    What exactly is homoeopathy and how does it work? Patients of all ages, who have experienced help through this healing method, would like to have these questions answered. – There are many volumes of literature available to the grown ups among them to find information and form their own opinion. Yet it is difficult to find any material on...
  3. Autismus - Zutiefst verzweifelt

    Autismus - Zutiefst verzweifelt

    In diesem bahnbrechenden Werk legt Dr. Tinus Smits in klaren Schritten die Methode dar, die er zur Behandlung von über 300 autistischen Kindern angewendet hat. In vielen Fällen haben die Eltern ihre Kinder als 100%ig geheilt erklärt; in anderen ist der Heilungsprozess noch im Gang und es wurden deutliche Besserungen...