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  1. Tautopathic Remedies

    Tautopathic Remedies

    Tautopathic Remedies:History of tautopathy, Case taking, Potency selection, using Allopathic Drugs, Preventative measures. Therapeutics given for Antibiotics, Chemical Toxins, Drug Addictions, Drug Toxicity, Detoxification, Metals, Air Pollution, Reviews Tautopathic and Toxicity remedies from Robin Murphy's Homeopathic...
  2. DVD: The Ramakrishnan Approach to Cancer The Plussing Method

    DVD: The Ramakrishnan Approach to Cancer The Plussing Method

    Interview videoed at Cancer Congress in Badenweiler on September 25th - 27th, 2009.DVD, 27 min. ...
  3. DVD: Spirit, Song and Sensation

    Spirit, Song and Sensation (4 DVD's)

    Set Of 4 DVDs with a total of 5 hours video seminar and case taking plus powerpoints slides.English original version.Through his writings and lectures, Dr. Sankaran has had a profound influence on many modern homeopaths' methods of practice. He is particularly well-known for develo ...
  4. DVD: Lets talk about talking

    Lets Talk About Talking (DVD)

    Rajan Sankaran, M.D. (Hom), FSHom (UK) is a thinker, writer and teacher in the Homoeopathic system of medicine. Internationally known for his path-breaking concepts and innovative approach in the system, he is one of the most popular teachers in the field. His seminars and lectures are greatly appre ...
  5. The Homeopathic Treatment of Children - DVD

    The Homeopathic Treatment of Children

    Interview videoed at The Cancer Congress in Badenweiler, on September 25th - 27th, 2009.DVD, 30 min.Topics: Cancer in children, The Periodic Table, Butterflies remedies, ...
  6. Homeopathy from the heart

    Homeopathy from the heart

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  7. Homeopathic Thinking Tools

    Homeopathic Thinking Tools

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  8. DVD: Sankaran Live (English)

    Sankaran Live (4 DVD's)

    In October 2007, Dr. Rajan Sankaran gave an extraordinary seminar in Germany. It was aimed to take the participant right from the beginning to the latest developments in the theory and practice of the new method, which is fast gaining recognition in the world of Homeopathy.Dr. Sankaran, ...
  9. DVD: Freedom of choice in Medicine

    DVD: Freedom of choice in Medicine

    Deel 1 eindigt met de scène dat de homeopathisch arts Tinus Smits moet verschijnen voor het medisch tuchtcollege. Deel 2 haakt hierop in. (U hoeft deel 1 niet gezien te hebben om deel 2 te kunnen volgen.) Waarom mag Tinus Smits volgens het medisch tuchtcollege niet meer zeggen dat hij me ...
  10. DVD: Rawtkn Sankaran erklrt seine Neue Methode

    DVD: Rajan Sankaran erklärt seine Neue Methode

    Im Oktober 2007 gab Dr. Rajan Sankaran ein außergewöhnliches Seminar. Es zielte darauf ab, die Teilnehmer von Beginn an zu den neuesten Entwicklungen in der Theorie und Praxis dieser neuen Methode zu führen, die immer mehr Anerkennung in der homöopathischen Welt erlangt. Dr. Sankaran, von dem...