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The charm of Homeopathy

About life in general and homeopathy in particular

by Anne Vervarcke


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This is the first book in English, addressed to professional homeopaths, where Anne Vervarcke explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a concept-like disturbance of the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by the patient. When we manage to recognize this pattern we are looking in the eye of the disturbance and at the same time, we have the answer for a cure. When this happens, the Charm of Homeopathy is at its best.


The capacity to symbolise is unique and specifically human.
We do it constantly and have an inherent talent to recognize patterns and translate them into a system of symbols we use to communicate. Homeopathy fits into this process of symbolising, because whatever is true within homeopathy must be true outside it. This symbolising means that we start off with a polarity: me and not-me. This is the first illusion. Next, we divide the world into an inner and an outer world. In the outer world we place the visible reality, the facts and phenomena that are symbolised, idolised, simplified, reduced and moulded into formulae. They are just as symbolic as the inner world which is invisible: the world of language, feelings and meanings. The classifications which are thus formed from these laws, formulas and definitions are not real categories or kingdoms, but patterns with sufficient recognizable characteristics.
A pattern is a sufficient amount of characteristics to define an object or a phenomenon.

page 40:

Science has shown that the earth is round and circles around the sun, not the other way around. Still to us the sun keeps rising and setting. We live in more than one reality at the same time: one in which we know what happens and one which we experience. The first has to be taught to us. A large part of our education is based on this knowledge and later on in life it can be useful to start an academic career or to 40
take part in a quiz on television. The reality we experience is the way in which we observe with our senses, although we often ‘know’ that things are not as they ‘appear’.
It is the reality we experience in which we live and it is this reality homeopathy deals with.

Page 75:

I consider the disturbance of a human being exactly like that: his best remedy.
Minerals want to be bound into larger, more coherent structures until they have achieved the ultimate unity.
Plants are the basis for all other life on Earth, for animals and humans. They sustain and feed them and are the link between Earth and her inhabitants. They serve every domain of the life of animals and humans and have to learn to respect themselves and manifest themselves as a goal in themselves.
Animals must learn to find the balance between instinctive needs and the wants and goals of the conscious mind.

The charm of Homeopathy
ISBN 9782874910029
Language English
Author Anne Vervarcke
Pages 235
Publication Date 2009
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain