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Homeopathy in Dementia

Materia Medica and Case Studies

by Michael Teut - Christine Doppler


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The care of people with dementia is a challenge. Not only memory and orientation losses, but also behavioural problems such as restlessness, aggression, apathy and others are difficult to overcome. Antidementia and neuroleptic drugs are only partially effective or sometimes have considerable side effects.
This book contains 19 case stories of homeopathic treatments by experienced homeopathic practitioners. The aim of this collection is to document how homeopathy is applied to people with dementia and to show the course of treatments in a differentiated way.
The case collection is supplemented by a materia medica of the 15 most important homeopathic remedies used in the field of dementia treatment.

ISBN 9789076189598
Language English
Pages 80
Type Paperback
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