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  1. A Guide to homeopathic Plant Theory

    A Guide to homeopathic Plant Theory

    Deborah Collins highly recommended manual fills a gap. Based on and referring to Jan Scholten’s famous Plant theory, that has been expanding the world of plant remedies in homeopathy, this manual explains his method and opens doors to those who have hitherto been reluctant to try it. It provides encouragement for those who have started...
  2. Asteraceae - remedies of the sunflower family

    Asteraceae - remedies of the sunflower family

    Pre-publication sale price, reserve your copy at a special rate. When published the usual price will be €44,- EXPECTED: Autumn 2019 Daisies and marigolds, flowers of our central star, the sun, are central to our materia medica. Where would we be without Bellis perennis, Calendula, Chamomilla and Arnica? The artist Georgia...
  3. Invertebrates in Homeopathy

    Invertebrates in Homeopathy

    PLEASE NOTE: INDIAN PRINT QUALITY! “Invertebrates in Homeopathy” is book about in-depth and systematic explanation of invertebrate remedies. It has thematic explanation of 11 phyla and 50 remedies. Each phylum and medicines explained by evolution model of Michel Yakir and Mahesh Gandhi.   The...
  4. Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach VOL 1 & 2

    Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach VOL 1 & 2

    The global medical fraternity has been exploring various alternative approaches to cancer treatment. However, this exceptional book, “Healing Cancer: A Homoeopathic Approach” by Dr Farokh J Master, does not endorse a focused methodology, but it paves the way to a holistic homoeopath’s approach. For the last 40...
  5. The Art of Follow-Up

    The Art of Follow-Up

    It is often said that it is easier to come to a remedy selection than managing the follow-up. Some of the difficulties that arise in follow-up management include how and when to repeat a remedy, when to alter the potency, when to change the remedy and so on. When mastered, the art of follow-up is the key to developing a successful and...
  6. Just You Think ( Volume 1)

    Just You Think ( Volume 1)

    In this magnum opus, Dr Sunirmal Sarkar along with Dr Gaurang Gaikwad, who worked on this book for many years, compiled information of more than two hundred disease conditions along with a list of remedies that are commonly indicated in each condition. This work is not going to replace the older and classical method of...
  7. Decoding the Dose

    Decoding the Dose

    Characteristic, peculiar, in Homeopathy we seek Everyone, yes everyone, is special and unique. We Homeopaths are in this world for reasons pure and sure We have a mission and that is to CURE. Guided, we are, by eternal fundamental laws, But, what do we do, when it comes to the 'Dose'? Confusion, contradiction should be things of...
  8. Glyphosate Free: An Essay on Functional Nutrition and the Homeopathic Clearing of Glyphosate Toxicity

    Glyphosate Free: An Essay on Functional Nutrition and the Homeopathic Clearing of Glyphosate Toxicity

    Glyphosate is one of the most toxic chemicals to life and humans on the planet. It is found in round up and sprayed the world over on all GMO crops, in people's yards, school’s grounds, the sides of the roads and on all food imported into the United States at the dock yards, including organic foods. It has made its way into vaccines,...
  9. Some Rosaceae - Prunus & Similars

    Some Rosaceae - Prunus & Similars

    This third installment of...
  10. Groups and Themes

    Groups and Themes

    This book is a combination of the classical approach with the modern thinking and can be easily used by every homeopath using different methods.Roberto wrote 8 key themes for 172 groups (56 Plant families, 13 groups from Animal Kingdom, 6 periods and 18 stages of the Periodic table, 15 anions and 52 cations from Mineral Kingdom and 12...
  11. Finding Your Way Through the Forest of Symptoms

    Finding Your Way Through the Forest of Symptoms

    A patient’s case can seem like a forest of symptoms. There can be so much information, and we need to process it. We need to find ‘the way through the woods’! This book aims to do just that. Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to achieve quick, gentle and lasting cures for his patients, and has the...
  12. Discovering Life: Homeopathic Portraits

    Discovering Life: Homeopathic Portraits

    What is new in this Materia Medica book? This book is the result of 8 years work. What makes this materia medica different from others? Why a new materia medica among the glut of existing ones? One of the most confounding aspects of homeopathy, which I have noticed while teaching throughout the world, is the difficulty that both...


1 - 12 of 973