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DVD 'Dangerous Liaisons' Plants Orders and Families in Class Liliidae.

Dioscoreaceae, Agavaceae, Colchicaceae, Liliaceae, et al.

by Frans Vermeulen

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Was held on February16, 17 and 18, 2007 in Berkeley, California)
All three days (18 hours) now available on DVD!

The above plant orders include many well known families such as Dioscoreaceae, Agavaceae, Colchicaceae, Liliaceae et al.

Organizing and understanding plants by families has become more and more a standard of practice within homeopathy.
Important remedies from these families include among others the Alliums, Aloes, Dioscoreas, Iris, Sabadilla and Veratrum.

There are many other remedies in these families some of which have no symptoms at all in our repertories

Finding the correct plant family within a family via repertorization, we will miss 80% of the possibilities within this grouping. This seminar will address this gross imbalance.

Using information from taxonomy, botany, phytochemistry, history, use, symbolism, imagery, proving information and existing materia medica, Frans will draw a portrait of the major remedies within these groups using symptomatology, themes and affinities which will serve as a base model to recognize other members of the same family.

Bring your repertory and Materia Medica and your cases where you have used these remedies.
DVD 'Dangerous Liaisons' Plants Orders and Families in Class Liliidae.
Language English
Author Frans Vermeulen
Publisher Homeopathy West
Type DVD