Manfred Mueller MA, DHM, DIHom, RSHom(NA), CCH pioneered Extra-Strength HomeopathyTM — a powerful system of healing strategies tailored to today’s chronic conditions, also known as the The Mueller Method of Homeopathy. A vital part of it is Reverse Chronological Tautopathy that clears long-term effects of drugs, vaccines, toxins, radiation, and much more. Mr. Mueller is professor of homeopathic theory and practice at the Homeopathic College he founded in 1989. The college, a net-based educational platform teaches cutting edge strategies to homeopathic professionals to resolve modern complex chronic disorders. Mr. Mueller works fulltime as a homeopathic clinical consultant at his global telephone clinic. His special interests are oncology, cardiology, neurology, toxicology, hypersensitivities and allergies, and a wide variety of novel twenty-first-century chronic conditions. His more than forty years of experience in homeopathic practice is distilled in his publications and tutorials, and in his most recent publication, Healing Miracles. Mr. Mueller created the acclaimed Homeopathic Cancer Drugs Oncology Materia Medica that introduced modern medical terminology into our cancer materia medica, containing updated proving data and clinical, scientific and pharmacological information of over six hundred classical era cancer remedies. He retranslated the Organon from German to English, with his Concise Organon containing every single aphorism of the 6th Edition in simple modern language. He is the author of the best-seller Freedom from Infectious Diseases The Homeopathic Solution, which presents the four major techniques of homeopathic prevention of infectious diseases, its history, science, methodologies and a practical guide to prevention of some forty infectious diseases. Mr. Mueller has published over thirty articles on homeopathic and other health-related topics. Most recently, he finished his forth review of homeopathic cancer research, and a paper on successfully resolved cases of COVID-19 vaccine injuries with The Mueller Method of Homeopathy. TM For more information about his work and to keep up do date with the school, blogs, and other projects, please feel free to sign up for his monthly newsletter or visit his websites at and or call 001-828-619-5795.

Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

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