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Paul Herscu

Book Author Full Name: Paul Herscu

Books by this Author

  1. The homeopathic treatment of children

    The Homeopathic Treatment of Children is indispensible at giving both a clear overall impression of the various major constitutional types, and also a detailed outline for reference at the end of each chapter. Not only does Paul Herscu draw from various sources (repertories and materia medica), he a ...
  2. Stramonium: With an Introduction to Analysis Using Cycles & Segments

    Introduces case analysis using cyclic movements of main symptom elements (segments) in remedies and diseases. Also, the Map of Hierarchy is presented as a guide to remedy selection by classifying remedies according to depth of pathology. But most of the book is on Stramonium - its fear, violence, at ...
  3. Provings vol 1 and 2

    In all the years of homeopathy, we had never developed a clear understanding of what provings are. What was missing was a model that could explain provings and at the same time place them within the greater body of homeopathic theory. In this book, we will discuss the technical fundamentals of provi ...