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  1. Gemmotherapy For Everyone

    Gemmotherapy For Everyone

    Lauren empowers families with practical tools, a respectful tone, and loving support. Gemmotherapy for Everyone: Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to promote natural robust immunity. The choice to raise children with this gentle yet powerful modality brings true healing back into the...
  2. Gemmotherapy for Everyone - an introduction to acute care

    Gemmotherapy for Everyone - an introduction to acute care

    An Introduction to Acute Care is the first in Lauren Hubele’s Gemmotherapy for Everyone series. Designed as a quick yet practical dive into Gemmotherapy for both practitioners and home users, this synthesized reference guide will be an invaluable resource for those interested in this powerful and potent plant therapy....
  3. Food Fermentation for the Home

    Food Fermentation for the Home

    Learn how to ferment at home from an experienced lifelong gardener and successful fermenter. Methods based on Science are demonstrated using color photos to guide you to a safe and satisfying ferment. The Good is presented with the Bad & the Ugly so that you can see what might go wrong despite our best efforts. Learn...
  4. Doof  (Food Spelled Backwards)

    Doof (Food Spelled Backwards)

    Retailer's synopsis: Doof. Food Spelled Backwards is Patrick Jordan's eighth book that is the second volume of the exploration that food is not food but has been modified or so radically altered to the point where it cannot even be considered sustenance. The point/counterpoint continues as 'facts' are analyzed in light of reality not popular...
  5. Essential Oils

    Essential Oils

    Neal's Yard Remedies' guide to essential oils contains all you need to know about essential oils and how to use them to improve health, ease stress and treat ailments.
  6. Light in Shaping Life

    Light in Shaping Life

    The production of biological light (ultra-weak photon emission or biophotons) within many types of cells and tissues is characteristic of an alive organism. You will begin a journey of discovery about biophotons in relationship to biological matter and about how such biophotons can be detected utilizing...
  7. Dynamic Gemmotherapy

    Dynamic Gemmotherapy

    More and more people tend to avoid chemical and pharmaceutical drugs when possible; patients, the consumers of health products, realize that although sometimes useful and lifesaving, those drugs do not cure and are fraught with side effects that are sometimes worse than the disease they claim to treat. Homeopathy, Herbalism, Chinese...

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  8. Present Child

    Present Child: A gift for you and your family

    This methodical approach enables parents, practitioners and educators to understand what children have to say about their parents’ lives.PresentChild® works like a translation programme whereby you suddenly understand your child’s intention for you!The PresentChild Method shows cle ...
  9. A Manual of Acupuncture

    A Manual of Acupuncture

    Once in a great while an extraordinary book is published that sets an entirely new standard in its field. A Manual of Acupuncture, published by Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications, is just such a book. Painstakingly researched over many years by Peter Deadman, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, and colleagues Mazin...
  10. Superfood Wellness Guide

    Superfood Wellness Guide

      Book OutlineIntroduction to Superfood tonics and their traditional and modern uses.1. Superfood Tonics A-Z, (Materia Medica) Over 125 foods are reviewed with recipes. 2. Therapeutic Index A-Z, (Repertory) A Guide the...
  11. Herbal Wellness Guide

    Herbal Wellness Guide

      Book OutlineIntroduction to Herbal tonics and their traditional and modern uses.1. Herbal Tonics A-Z, (Materia Medica) Over 125 remedies are reviewed with recipes.2. Therapeutic Index A-Z, (Repertory) A Guide the therapeutic uses...
  12. The Merck Manual of Medical Information (Second Home Edition)

    The Merck Manual of Medical Information (Second Home Edition)

    For the past twenty years the publishers of THE MERCK MANUAL, one of the most widely used sources of medical information in the world, realised that more and more copies of the guide were being purchased by people who were not healthcare professionals, despite the fact that it had never been advertised and was not written for public...


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